Here might be the home of a user maintained documentation project.

This project has found life following some discussions which occurred on misc@ mailing-list.

If you feel the documentation is not as you want it, please feel free to improve it and we will find it a home!

For now, send your docs to here.

Official OpenBSD documentation can be found here:

 Upgrade Guide
 Building from source
 Following Current
 Ports and Packages
 Port Testing Guide
 Using AnonCVS
 Using CVSup
 Manual pages
 Bug Reporting
 Mail lists
 PF User's Guide

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 PF User's Guide

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 PF User's Guide

Note: The content published here in no way implies that the OpenBSD project or any member of the OpenBSD team sanctions or approves of such use. Do not complain to them if you find anything obsolete here. If you do find it unusable, inexact, obsolete or simply bad, then your help would be welcome to make it better. Send in your new document.

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Otherwise, constructive suggestions are more than welcome!


List of docs available at this time.

All under the BSD license. If you disagree with the BSD license, don't send anything...
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Removed at the author's request as the document is now obsolete!


The purpose of these documents is not to replace any existing documentation for any of the mentioned software components. The sole purpose of these documents is to explain how to set up said software/applications on OpenBSD, period. These documents are not meant to explain how OpenBSD works as that is well documented in the OpenBSD FAQ, which can be found on the OpenBSD website. These documents do not replace the OpenBSD FAQ but are here to provide supplementary instructions on the setup of said software/applications.

Send your docs to me for now.

As for any valuable content for "the Official OpenBSD FAQ", please do not send them here! First read Nick Holland's posting here and specially here, then if you think you have something of value for Nick, send it to him. For the rest, if it is good, send it here. As Nick put it, "I would expect independant projects would have different criteria, goals and such." So, take it as such. If anything here is valuable to you and useful, great, if not... maybe you can help!

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